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From the Production House of
Houseman, Safran and Houseman

Collectively, ESG has over 60 years experience playing ASL. That doesn't mean we're good, just that we play a lot. Over all those years, we've learned a few things about scenario designing; design what you like to play, keep'em simple and make'em fun.

All of our Dezign Paks are made with playability in mind. We work hard to insure that each scenario is well designed, heavily playtested, (by us and others) and ready for your playing enjoyment. All packs include a good mix of small, medium and large scenarios, early to late war, ETO and PTO, and one "Monster scenario thrown in for good measure!

All of us here at ESG thank you for visiting our site and purchasing our paks. We hope you enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy designing them. It's our gift to the ASL community.

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